Turnkey test suite migration with AI

Turnkey test suite migration with AI

Reduce time & cost by > 30%

Reduce time & cost by > 30%

Grit is trusted by high velocity software teams

Legacy test suites are too slow, flaky, and expensive.

Run tests 3x as fast

Modern test runners can provide similar coverage as much as 3 times faster.

Reduce costs

Inefficient test configuration leads to idle CPUs and wasted resources, but most engineering teams don't have time to optimize pipelines.

Modernizing tests will fix this, but is too slow

80% reduction in migration developer time

Without Grit, a typical test migration might take up to 12 engineer-weeks

With Grit, the same migration only takes 1 engineer-week

Guaranteed migration cost

Grit guarantees your migration will complete successfully within your budget.

Pays for itself in less than a year

The savings in CI costs alone

leads to fast ROI

Don't migrate alone

You're embarking on each migration from scratch, but
Grit has seen tens of thousands of tests already.

Start from templates

Enzyme to React Testing Library

Chai to Jest

Cypress to Playwright

Apply pre-built migrations automatically

Grit can detect and instrument existing test cases across a dozen different frameworks

Reduce test risk


Convert with confidence

Grit runs your old and new tests side-by-side to detect any regressions.

Iterative feedback

Adapt as you go

Provide natural language feedback to Grit to get a test suite that works exactly how you want it to.

Accelerate your test migration